Question: When I go to Register my LONE-TAR at, I get an error saying Serial Number and Activation Key do not match
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Operating Systems: ALL


ERROR in Section 1 & 2
Activation Key, Serial Number & OS Mismatch!!

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1. 	The main cause of this issue is trying to enter your LONE-TAR licensing information for the wrong operating system. 
	When doing the registration for the first time, please make sure that the system information is accurate. By default 
	that drop down menu-box has Linux - 32Bit selected. If you do not change this to the proper operating system you 
	purchased LONE-TAR for, you will get this error every time.



1. 	Please change the OS drop-down menu to match the proper Operting System from your LONE-TAR Activation Key.
	If you ordered the wrong OS, please call LONE-TAR at 800-LONE-TAR to get it rotated. Once LONE-TAR is 
	registered, you cannot stock rotate a license at no cost. Renewal will be required.